NLF Calendar of upcoming events. 
NLF Life Groups Meet periodically throughout the week in multiple locations. 
See session schedules by visiting here.
Weekly Schedule
10:00 AM - NLF Bridgeville Campus Service
11:45 AM - NLF West End Campus Service
9:00 AM - FOOD TRUCK DELIVERY @ NLF West End (LAST Monday of the month)
9:30 AM - Prayer Team Meeting (contact office for location)
7:00 PM - 
- Midweek Mainstage (1st - 5th grade in main west end campus building)
- Student ministries (Jr/Sr Youth in the New Life Center in the West End)
- Adult Bible Study (Church office building @ the West end campus)
10:30 AM - NLF FOOD PANTRY (west end) - 1st & 3rd Thursdays
11:00 AM  - NLF CLOTHING ROOM (west end) - 1st & 3rd Thursdays